Mainstream Fiber Networks provides fiber to the home, business, and beyond. We do not stop at the utility poles with our fiber, instead, we deliver fiber from the pole directly to wherever it may be needed.  We are constantly growing our network in Washington to better serve the residents there.


We are a locally owned and operated fiber optic internet provider based out of Nashville, Indiana. Our local team is dedicated to delivering comprehensive community infrastructure and a superior broadband solution to rural communities throughout Indiana.

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Service might already be available in your area. To see if your neighborhood is connected, check service availability here or call our office at (844) 752 – 6736.

If your neighborhood isn’t connected, be sure to join our list. This allows you to stay informed on the status of the project and recent information about services in your neighborhood. Neighborhoods that have the most interest are first to be considered for expansion.

Our Services

Better Connection = Better Life

Our home internet solution delivers over 3x the download speed of any other satellite, DSL, wireless, and cable connections when you select our 1 Gb plan.  Even our basic plan receives a reliable 100 mbps download speed which blows past the speeds offered by the other internet providers.

The best part? It’s 100% fiber so it’s secure, reliable, unlimited, and will even increase your home value!

Now you can stream your favorite shows, work from home, study online, manage your bills, stay connected with loved ones, and so much more. Mainstream’s fiber speeds can tackle anything life throws at you so that you have more time to enjoy the little things.

Keep things moving with

Our team of experts provides customized business solutions for organizations of all sizes.

A reliable 100% fiber solution will provide the bandwidth to keep your team moving and profits growing.

Fiber voice solutions

Both business and internet clients can take advantage of our voice options, which provide you with a clear and consistent delivery for all your calls.  You can even keep your current number!

Businesses can choose between digital and managed voice systems, so no matter the size of your operation, we have the perfect solution for you.

Solutions for your business

Our expert team of business network professionals provides custom business solutions for organizations of all sizes, including security, fiber transport from point to point, and wireless connections for large spaces.