How to Stay Informed

Here at Mainstream, we provide valuable fast, reliable, and affordable fiber optic internet.  The best part? We’re local and we value our customers. When you contact one of our employees you will be speaking to someone from the local community with your best interest in mind. It has come to our attention that certain individuals who are not associated with Mainstream may be falsely claiming that they not only work with us, but offer services or prices that are inaccurate.  In order to clear up any confusion caused by this, here is a list of ways to know that you are talking to a genuine Mainstream representative:

A real Mainstream employee should be relatively easy to pick out if you meet them in person, as they will likely be wearing apparel with the Mainstream logo on it. If they are not in Mainstream branded apparel, they will always have an ID badge with the Mainstream Fiber logo attached to it.

A Mainstream representative will call directly from one of the following numbers:

(844) 752-6736

(812) 720-9423

(812) 705-8001.

Caller ID should list each of these numbers as being from Mainstream Fiber Networks, but it sometimes might not.  If you ever receive a call from a number that says “No Caller ID”, “Blocked”, or “Restricted”, it is never from Mainstream Fiber Networks regardless of what the person on the line says. Mainstream employees will start a phone conversation by stating their name and that they work for Mainstream.  If you’re still unsure if it’s an actual Mainstream employee, ask for their name and then ask if you can call them back. An actual employee from Mainstream should have no problem with that.

As far as telling if an email is actually from us, know that it will come from an email address ending with either or  The email itself should have our logo displayed prominently on the email somewhere as well, either at the very top of the email or at the bottom with the employee’s signature.

When it comes to servicing and prices, pricing is always available on our website at, as are our services. Any new services or changes to price will be announced both on our website and on our Facebook page, so if you want to have the most updated information, those two places are your best bet. As always, all questions can be directed to us on Facebook or by calling our office at (844) 720-9423.

If ever you’re contacted by someone who is imitating being a part of or loosely affiliated with Mainstream, please contact us at one of the phone numbers above, visit our office, or email us at so that we can investigate the situation.  In the meantime, we at Mainstream look forward to continuing to serve your community with genuinely fast, reliable, 100% fiber optic internet.